I recently enrolled in the Independent Studies program at University Waterloo to complete my Bachelors degree so that I can attend a Masters program in the future. What is amazing about this program is it’s flexibility: you can literally create any program or course that you could imagine. For example, for this semester my self-created courses are as follows:

  • Bodhisattva Path – taken via Ngedon School online
  • Mahamudra – also via Ngedon School
  • Meditation Practicum – a 15 day solitary retreat
  • Spanish Intensive – self study, and local courses here in cusco, peru
  • ayahuasca cosmology – I plan to interview local shamans about their view on the nature of reality
Next semester, if I get more involved in conservation and sustainable development, I can create courses to reflect the work that I am doing in those areas. 
The staff there are wonderful—very helpful and supportive. Too bad, at present it is only an undergraduate program. This small program really is a jewel. I would highly recommend it to anyone is has unique ideas they would like to explore that fall outside of the regular university curriculum.