I think it might be helpful to the community at large to have one place where you can go to get information about all the various shamans and ayahuasca retreats around the world. This could be sort of a wikipedia type one-stop-shopping for info about shamans and retreats.

Each retreat center and/or shaman would have their own page. Like a wiki, anyone can contribute to that page (as long as it stays civil) and at the bottom, people are welcome to post comments, have discussion, and even rate their experience (ie. value, authenticity, comfort, personal care, etc). These pages could be categorized by country, location, style, etc. And the site could include other types of authentic shamanic retreats such as san pedro, peyote, mushrooms, etc.

My feeling is that the good places, whether obscure or popular would be easier to find, and the duds would be easy to avoid. in time it might even make shamans a little more accountable, knowing there is a public place where people can air their experiences.

i don’t see this site replacing sites like ayahuasca.com with its excellent articles, or erowid with it’s valuable information, nor replacing tribe.net with its vibrant community. I see this new site as being a place where newcomers (as they will continue to increase) can find a safe place to experience shamanic openings, and experienced people to make new connections.

Anyone interested in helping plan this out and help run it? I can help build and manage it. But it needs a solid few people behind it for it to work. (I’ve also wanted to do this for eastern gurus, but never got around to it.)