The idea is quite simple: Canadian Liberals, NDPs, Greens – get over your differences and form an alliance in order to defeat the conservatives in the next election. Liberals: your glory days are over, you need need this more than anybody else. NDP: even with all your excellent policies, will you ever be able to form a government? Greens: even if you finally win that one seat, your voice will be much larger as part of the government.

Rather than mixing red, orange and green and get the Canadian Brown Party, get creative. Perhaps parties could retain their unique flavour and still be part of an official alliance. The new alliance could be called something like the New Canadian Party and you’d have the Canadian Party Liberal, Canadian Party NDP and Canadian Party Green. Riding candidates could be strategically allocated based on candidate popularity and previous voting numbers. CP-Liberals would run 52% of the candidates, CP-NDP would run 36% and the CP-Greens 12%. 

With this kind of cooperation, the new party is surely to win the next election. And the Greens and NDP finally get to form part of the Canadian government. The only problem is the parties’ instinct for self preservation and pride, especially the NDP. But after this latest loss, I hope they will be able to get past their differences and get it right.